One-Of-a-kind Vintage

Our philosophy is that wearing and collecting vintage clothing should be about having fun and expressing yourself.  As two people who have always tried to find our own path in this world, we have a deep appreciation for people who embrace their uniqueness and have a strong sense of self. Finding who you truly are and what you really love - and embracing that - is a powerful thing.  So, if you love bright prints, wear them!  Mix up decades, mix up styles.  The bolder, the better.  Just be you!

The Blackbird Girls

We met at a local antiques shop, here in North Carolina, and through our 12+ year friendship, we have become junk soulmates.  We have a shared love for vintage, art, books, music, and finding the perfect BBQ, and we love to channel that into our business.  We started our Etsy shop in 2010, but we had been selling in booths in antique stores for several years before that.  We travel when we can to scout out the best, strangest, coolest, quirkiest vintage clothing and accessories we can find!